Six good reasons to make Zinasten Integrated Health as your HMO consultant

We know health insurance

Zinasten Integrated Health is a health benefits consultant with over 15 years of experience and has helped many of customers.

We help you make choices that fit your needs

Customized health plan with benefits that medically suit your employees’ health needs as well as fit into your budget;

We’re here when you need us

We’re available 24/7 by chat, email or phone.

We understand HMOs in the country

We understand HMOs in the country

We don’t charge for our services

There’s no obligation for our services and you’ll pay the same price offered by the insurance carriers.

We make HMO selection easy

Our benchmarking process helps you with all vital information to make informed decision.

Reasons to Engage Us

As your health benefits consultant, Zinasten Integrated Health guarantees you the following:

  • Cost savings on your staff healthcare services;
  • Accurate budgetary projection on employees’ healthcare cost;
  • Customized health plan benefits to suit your HMO needs and fit into your budget;
  • Quarterly premium installment payments to make room for better cash flow management;
  • Health plan benefit management;
  • Support the day to day enquiries from your employees;
  • Continuously monitor the level of service provided to your employees by the HMOs and also protect your health benefits by ensuring what was promised is delivered;
  • Benefit benchmarking by comparing with your industry peers which help in improving and modernizing your health benefits provision;