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Helping Businesses Choose The Right Health Plans For Their Employees

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Zinasten Integrated Health, client-centered innovative HMO Consultants with focus on the Nigerian marketplace. We are quite aware that choosing the right health plan is hard, even getting the best HMO to provide cover for the right health plan is harder. We make these easy! Our health insurance benefits consulting services, are designed for employers and their employees and delivered to meet their health needs and fit into their budget.

Our depth knowledge of the local market is unparalleled, combined with our commitment to personalized service which is unmatched in the marketplace, make us an ideal partner.

Key Services

Health Benefits Consulting

Health Benefits Consulting

We assist our clients not only to engage the best HMOs but also help customise health plans which medically meet their employees’ health needs within budget. The best part of it is that, this service is delivered completely free of charge.

Third Party Administration

Third Party Administration

Zinasten Integrated Health provides third-party administrative (TPA) services to corporate clients who desire expert handling of their employees’ health benefits administration and healthcare finances.

Employee Health Screening

Employment health screenings can determine if job candidates or new hires can successfully perform their job responsibilities. Zinasten Integrated Health offers various health screening programs that will help keeps your employees fit and productive.

Wellness program


Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or nutrition, it is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Wellness is a lifestyle. Our wellness program is customized to give your business a tailored approach to wellbeing.  

Six Good Reasons to Make Zinasten Integrated Health Your HMO Consultant

We know health insurance

Zinasten Integrated Health, a health insurance benefits consultant with over two decades years of experience, has helped many clients.

We help you make choices that meet your employee health needs

Customized health plan with benefits that medically suit your employees’ health needs as well as fit into your budget;

We’re here whenever you need us

We’re available 24/7 by email or phone.

We understand HMOs in the country better than anyone else

This gives Zinasten Integrated Health the leverage to get you the best HMO

We don’t charge for our services

There’s no obligation for our services. You only get to pay for your health insurance premium which goes to the HMOs.

We make HMO selection easy

Our benchmarking process helps you with all vital information to make informed decision.

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Ask us. We’re here for any question you have.

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